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Find Best Printer For Home, Office or Business

Finding the best printer for home, office or business use is not a rocket science, but there are a certain things that you should keep into consideration to make your life easier buying one! Watch the video on the right for a step-by-step process on finding the best printer for your needs. These steps have been further elaborated below:

Step 1 – Decide a Budget

Decide on a budget before anything else. Printers come in a wide range of prices from a couple of 100 dollars to a few 1000 dollars. So figure out first hand how you’re going to use the printer. If you’re looking for a general printer for home use then you would not want to spend a lot. And on the other hand if you have heavy printing needs, then having a higher budget to buy a high end model is always better as it’ll save you a lot of money and time in long run.

After you decide on a budget choose between color or black and white options. Color printers won’t produce photo-quality pictures and are more expensive than the black and white alternative.

If you plan on printing photos and images, you can go for an ink jet printer instead. They offer printing at higher quality color and resolution.

Step 2 – Think About Toner Cartridge Costs

Think about toner cartridge costs before hand so as to not end up spending a lot on toners itself. A printer that’s on sale may save you money but can get expensive with costly toners in the long run. I can also be a better choice to buy a costly printer with cheap toner cartridge prices.

Step 3 – Printer Connectivity

Decide how you want the printer connectivity to be. Now a days printer offer lots of connectivity options so that you can now connect to them using Bluetooth, WiFi, memory cards and also the same old Ethernet cables.

Step 4 – Printers with Memory?

Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers have onboard memory and you can keep your files to be printed in the printer itself. The memory requirements of each individual is different so decide on a memory size that suits you best. Some people may not use this feature quite often so you have to decide if you really need it or not.

Step 5 – Printer Features

Printers can do a lot of stuff other than just printing. There are scanner-printers that allow you to both scan a document or photo and do the usual printing stuff. And then there are All-in-Ones that do a lot of stuff including scanning, faxing, copying documents etc.

So decide on what you really need and and choose a type of printer. All-in-One printers tend to be costlier than the usual printers.

Step 6 – Time To Buy!

After you’ve decided on what type of printer you want and what features and connectivity it should have, dive into the content of this site and find the printer that exactly suits your needs. We have some great lists for best printers for home, office, small business and student’s use.

Or, you can just hop to our All Printers page and with the collection of all the best printers in market.

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